Nittany Mountain Trail Rides, Hayrides, Field Trails and Homecoming Wagons Lewiston Pennsylvania

Trail Rides

Nittany Mountain Trail Rides has been offering trail rides nearly 45 years. We believe the Tennessee Walking Horse most desirable mount for trail riding. The Tennessee Walking Horse was developed out of a desire for a horse that had the endurance to work all day and ride with a comfortable gait. Tennessee Walkers are famous for their docile temperaments, sure-footedness, and versatility. Our horses carry riders for long distances at bird dog field trials, trail rides at Camp Woodward, private outings, endurance competitions, and battle re-enactments.

Our trail ride availability varies depending on the season and our schedule. The best times to schedule a ride are usually late spring through early fall. Our summer trail rides are available seven days a week. Our riding locations depend upon availability of venues and the location of our horses. Please call for availability.

Reservations are best made in advance, but we can often accommodate short notice. We offer two hour rides at $100 and four hour rides at $200 per person with a minimum of four persons per ride. If your party does not meet our minimum, please don't hesitate to inquire about being paired up with another group of riders.

Our goal is to ensure a pleasurable ride for both rider and horse. Many people do not recognize the importance of fitness and weight -- for both rider and horse. Riders must be physically fit and able to mount (get on) with minimal assistance. There is a significant difference between a 225 lb person who is 5'2" and one who is 6'2". We operate under the "20% rule". This means even our smaller horses can easily carry 180 lb riders, most of our horses can carry 200-225 lb riders, but only a handful can carry 250 lb riders. We may ask about your fitness when you call; we want to keep you safe, our horses healthy, and make sure you have the appropriate horse and saddle for your ride.

And remember, if you enjoyed your ride be sure to tip your trail guide! (Horses will accept apples or carrots as a thank you!)

Horse Family on a Trail Ride Two Horses on a Trail Ride in the Snow