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Penn State Homecoming

Nittany Mountain Trail Rides, Inc has furnished flatbed and wagon with sides for the Penn State Homecoming Parade since 1981. The demand for flatbed became acute when most local farmers discontinued using flatbed and began using wagons with bale racks. R. B. Powell has been a resource for the scarce wagons and has been a provider working with the Penn State Homecoming Committee in recent years. Some years have had a demand of fifty plus wagons. The wagons are delivered to the location of assembly in the weeks prior to the parade.

Our staff is available to assist with an problems starting with the initial delivery of the wagon, though Friday of the parade.

We are able to provide vehicles to haul a float through the parade. There will be a $50 fee for the service. Call 814-880-5100 the week before the parade if you need a driver.

Video: How to Hitch a Flatbed

Download: Parade Captains Meeting Information

Download: Flat Bed Instructions

Download: 2015 Recycle Your Float Time Slots

Important Information to Remember

If you have some question or problem with the wagon, call us at 814-880-5100.

If you can fix a problem with your wagon, do it.

Do not alter the basic structure of the wagon.

Use screws and staples sparingly.

Do not damage the wagon by drilling holes, cutting, ripping off pieces, etc.

You will be billed for any damage and your damage deposit will be forfeited.

Please secure the wagon so that some prankster does not steal it.

Secure the wagon with a chain and lock and keep it in a place


Important Information About Lights

To connect the lights, follow the instructions that were explained at the captain's meeting. Most sport and large vehicles have a light connection near the hitch or in the spare tire compartment. You may have to search diligently. If the vehicle has a round seven-pole connector, you will need an adapter available at Wal-Mart or any auto store to go from four-wire connection into the round plug. Please test your lights early in the week before you build your float, it's much easier to correct problems and change out light kits before decorations are in place. If you have problems, please call our service line, 814-880-7360 or our main number, 814-880-5100.

Nittany Mountain Trail Rides Pulling a Float in the PSU Homecoming Parade Nittany Mountain Trail Rides Pulling a Float in the PSU Homecoming Parade Nittany Mountain Trail Rides Pulling a Float in the PSU Homecoming Parade